Your New Skills Will Be the Ultimate Weapon

Learn self-defense with weaponry in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Do you want to improve your karate skills? Learning karate with weaponry can take your skills to a new level. Many martial arts weapons are simple yet powerful. They can supplement your learning and challenge you to go further than ever before.

Martial Arts Sterling Heights, Michigan

Master the art of a martial arts weapon

College of Martial Arts offers advanced martial arts weaponry classes for youth and adults. Our instructors have experience with a range of martial arts weapons - we can teach you the best ways to use these weapons for self-defense. Contact College of Martial Arts today to learn martial arts using any of the following weapons:

  • Short stick
  • Tonfa
  • Sai
  • Bo Staff
  • Nunchaku

Martial arts promotes self-esteem and self-confidence. You'll learn how to focus in on what you're doing to become more disciplined. If you'd like to sign up for weapons training in addition to your karate training in Sterling Heights, MI, contact College of Martial Arts today. 586-294-9181