Jujitsu Sterling Heights, Michigan

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Jiujitsu is a Brazilian martial art that focuses on ground fighting. It is often used to teach smaller individuals how to defend themselves against larger adversaries. Jiujitsu teaches the mental and physical skills needed to use an opponent's strength against them.

College of Martial Arts offers Jiujitsu classes in Sterling Heights, Michigan. If you want to learn a devastating and advanced ground-fighting technique, sign up for one of our classes today.

Strong-arm anyone into submission

Jiujitsu is tough. It's fun. It's a great form of mental and physical therapy. At College of Martial Arts, you'll train with some of the best to learn the art of Jiujitsu. Whether you want to take Jiujitsu to step outside of your comfort zone or to get in a better physical state, you'll find our classes to be extremely rewarding.

We offer a number of class options for youth and adults from Monday to Saturday. If you'd like to join us for a Jiujitsu class in Sterling Heights, Michigan, contact us today. 586-294-9181